How to get a quick credit?

Borrow at Prida Cash Lender without any formalities

Borrow at Smallcredit without any formalities

Looking for a place to get a cash loan in a short space of time? In addition – a good cash loan? If you are a regular resident of Latvia with a regular income between the ages of 20 and 73, you have your own bank account and mobile phone number, and, with no overdue loan payments and defaulted credit, choose Prida Cash Lender .

It is possible to borrow at Prida Cash Lender without any formalities – without pledge or guarantee. Quick Credit Prida Cash Lender offers the first loan free of charge from 25 to 100 USD – it is repayable in 5 to 30 days.

How Big is a Loan at Prida Cash Lender?

  • First credit – from 25 to 100 USD – free of charge!
  • Second loan – up to 150 USD;
  • Third loan – up to 200 USD;
  • Fourth credit – up to USD 250;
  • Fifth and subsequent credits – up to 300 USD.

Available loan amounts prove that the lender increases the loan amount when borrowing again. The credit limit is increased only if the previous loan repayment has been successful. The loan must be repaid on time! If, at the time it is due, the contents of your bank account are inadequate, postpone repayment . Prida Cash Lender offers a loan deferral – you need to credit the lender’s bank account with the extension payment. The payment will depend on the amount of your existing cash loan. Delaying your loan repayment is easy and simple – just a few minutes and you may not think about repaying your credit for a while, but rather make the necessary funds.

In what order do you apply for a cash loan?

In what order do you apply for a cash loan?

1) Register on the Prida Cash Lender website – by completing the registration form and transferring one cent from your bank account to the lender’s bank account. One cent transfer is an identification payment.

2) Apply – In your newly created user profile, select the loan amount and the length of the repayment period.

3) Get your money – if your account is with bank – within one hour!

Quick Credit Prida Cash Lender – Money that can be used to make a variety of plans. Loan, both for emergency car repairs and for buying holiday gifts for the loved ones. The most important thing is whether the cash loan is appropriate for the individual and the situation. Borrow only if your income is regular and stable – you can be sure that repayment of the loan will not endanger your economic stability.

Prida Cash Lender processes loan applications and issues loans

Smallcredit processes loan applications and issues loans

Working hours during which Prida Cash Lender processes loan applications and issues loans – between 08:00 and 22:00 on business days. Weekend opening hours – 10am to 6pm. If your Prida Cash Lender business is over and you need the credit, you can at least apply for it. Apply for Instant Credit Prida Cash Lender also after credit company opening hours – when you need it! Loans are issued and money transfers are made by Prida Cash Lender during its working hours.